This disc replaces the neoprene rubber in the steering couplers; the OEM couplers wear out and rip- causing loose steering or no steering conditions.

Installing and using this disc makes for an easy and less expensive way of fixing a worn out steering coupler and the benefit of lots more secure steering, it cant rip!

Oils and greases and heat wont affect it like with the neoprene.
Especially good for off-roading with the much higher strain on a steering coupler and entire steering system.

OEM Steering couplers loosen and break — again and again . . .

You dont have to know the steering gear input shaft size diameter before ordering, no measuring and cutting and drilling necessary,
just remove the old coupler off the steering shaft, grind off two rivet studs from the input shaft flange,
slide out the old rubber coupler, place my disc in its place and bolt the input and steering stub shaft flanges to the disc, and put it back on the vehicle.

Then drive with confidence and tighter, more responsive steering!

Mine doesn’t wear out and cause sloppy steering!


$40.00 Just the disc, [supply your own bolts] + shipping

$50.00 The DISC [inc. 4 bolts, nuts] + shipping