These plates are design engineered for use with TIMKEN SET 9 or 10 tapered roller bearings, and ONLY the NATIONAL 9912 outer oil seals. THEY WONT WORK WITH OR FIT ANY OTHER SEAL! [ I.H. Scout DANA 44 TABOR plate, Jeep TABOR plates fit other OEM seals]

NAT. #9912 SEALS ARE THE BEST for this application! This seal has the thickest metal wall and shoulder to resist compression of seal under side load and thrust load. This seal also is the ‘tallest’ in dimension [.425″ in thickness], all other brands are .375″+-, and that is where most axle end play is from – installation of wrong seal!

The National 9912 seal is designed to collapse in height from .425 to .386″ upon installation compression against bearing and retainer plate. This is so the rubber seal on the exterior of the 9912 expands and seals the body to the axle housing ID, for less leakage of oil/grease, therefore even when that seal is collapsed- its still .010″ of an inch thicker/taller than any other brand seal!

This takes up at least .010″ of axle end play! The original plates have an extremely large I.D. for the axle, and when the bearing fails and starts disintegrating – the axle can easily slide through the axle shaft hole in the plate. That cant happen with T.A.B.O.R. Plate!

It took years of study and measuring and inspecting failed bearings and seals, and retainer plates, to design a better retainer, and to finally arrive at a retainer plate that solved all the faults in original design. You benefit from all this with a retainer plate that DOES ITS JOB!